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Magnesium Flake

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Magnesium Flakes

If there was a second place prize, Magnesium would be it. Magnesium Chloride has quickly earned its place as a premium melter due to its ability to begin melting about as fast as Calcium Chloride a long with its aggresive melting power which continues to work below -13 degrees. Magnesium is considered generally safe on all surfaces as well as pet and environmentally safe when used as directed. It's proven performance, safety and attractive price has made this product (by some) to be regarded as the best 'overall' melter. Available in 50# bags. Magnesium Flake is available in all NJ area's.

  • Continues melting below -13 F
  • Melting performane on contact about as fast as Calcium Chloride.
  • Safer on all surfaces, pets and the environment
  • Attactive price
  • Flakes stay put on contact