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NJ Bulk Rock Salt

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Bulk Rock Salt Out Of Port Newark, NJ

Bulk treated and untreated deicing salt out of Port Newark, NJ offering winter maintenance professionals top quality bulk salt which is screened in the production process to yield a consistent product.Ideal for mechanical spreading applications. Our Port Newark Bulk Rock Salt is available in full tandem loads delivered to your site. Bulk Rock salt available in select NJ Area's. Call for a per ton, delivered quote. Quotes based on Miles From Port Newark.

  • High purity, screened bulk rock salt meeting ASTM standards
  • Untreated or Treated rock salt consisting of patented Ice B'Gone 2
  • Delivery directly to your site.
  • Picked up From NJ's Most Reliabel Source (Port Newatrk, NJ).
  • Call For New Jersey Bulk Salt pricing.